Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Cool The Earth Down

200 Western US Cities Established Heat Records In Late July 2005..

How to Change That..**

1. Trees account for as much as a 50 degree difference
in temperature between asphalt and forest. Foster trees and
plant trees.
2. The lumber industry is killing needed green living
air conditioners. Please build with brick, block, stone, stucco,
3. The meat industry accounts for great destruction of forest,
since cows eat sapling trees and since cattlemen
raze forests so that cows can graze.
Tens of thousands of vegetarian recipes at
Howard Lyman, football player and Montana cowboy, asks you
to make the change.
4. Bombs are adding to the world's temperature. Please work
for peace.
5. Every blade of grass is an air conditioner. Please reduce
or eliminate mowing. http://dontmow.blogspot.com
6. Eat tree products.. fruits and nuts.. say yes to orchard vine and berrybush growers http://fruitarians.blogspot.com
7. Native American raindances work
8. Watering plants calls down rain.
9. Prayer
10. . Read newspapers at the library or after the neighbor does.
Get news on the web. Buy books, magazines greeting cards and newsletters which are printed on recycled paper.
72% of the young get their news on the web. web Daily newspapers account for trillions of trees slaughtered annually and most promote anti environment corporations.
11. Print on cotton, recycled or scrap paper in downloading
12. Use a water spray instead of toilet paper
13. Buy food naturally packaged.. nuts in nut shells,bananas inpeels.. buy in bulk. Fruit is nature's most perfectly packaged food.
How many trees go into cereal boxes http://www.goveg.com/meetmeat.html
14. Use canvas bags for shopping.. neither plastic nor paperhttp://www.sierraclub.org/
15. Use mass transit, bikes, hybrid cars or those running
on nonviolent fuel. The oil and coal industries decapitate
mountains and destroy trees in drilling.
16. work for an end to CIA, Army and other weathermanipulation. In 1972 Seymour Hersh reported in the NY Timesthe CIA's attempts through cloud seeding to cause flooding inN Vietnam.
17. Save fruit seeds and scatter them in wild places The average evaporation of mature trees is 42 gallons a day..which becomes mist, then clouds, and then rain, eliminating drought.
18. Purchase furniture which is used and refurbish it or buy metal furniture with cotton padding. There are many nontreefurniture options. The furniture, lumber, and construction businesses have lobbied for the cutting down of US forests, whereas the UK, some cities in Maryland and California require a permit to cut down old trees.
19. Vote out earth abusers.. Vote out the GOP which sometimes receives 10 times the political contributions from earth abusers that any other party receives. Vote in Democrats or Greens or Libertarians depending on the situation
http://www.truthout.org/http://www.greens.org/ http://www.democrats.org/ (in some instances)
20. Avoid fast food places which deforest for their packaging and create litter which fills dumpsites and requires labor pickup http://www.vegdining.com/ http://www.kfccruelty.com
21. visualize sun and green trees everywhere
22. Outlaw junk mail (as telemarketers have been assigned to http://donotcall.gov ). File a form with the main post office in your area. Return to sender. The GOP & junkmailers are requiring you to subsidize their treekilling and invasive practices.
20. Recycle cardboard cartons at commerical establishments. Recycle your own scrap paper. (Ask http://www.paperretriever.com to do its part to end Canadian seal clubbing. Arbitibi is the biggest
recycler in the world.)
21. Replace the purchase of dead Christmas trees which cause many fires annually.. with artificial trees.. or living ones planted each year in the year. Oregon is the biggest Christmas tree killer with 7 billion a year in slaughter sales.
22. Ban the cutting of trees entirely as Thailand has down. The United States is still a land of skinny trees, because of present control of the US Forest Svc. and National Park Service by lumber mining oil and cattle interests) In Mumbai elephants are threatened by logging, as well as by poaching and war.
23. Stop through lawsuits, networking etc. the 'controlled fires'deliberately set by the US ParkService and the Forest Svc... fires which often are made more lethalby the unpredictable wind.. fires which at their best destroytrees, animals, insects.
24. Work for workplace, home, library and other printouts on cotton, recycled, or the back sides of already printed paper.
25. stop the control of national and state executive branch,legislatures and courts by corporate contractors
26. network with other environmentalists
27. Disinvest mutual funds, pension funds from earth abusing
corporations involved in metropolitan newspapers, and killing trees.
28 Replace paper towels with washed cotton rags.
29. Encourage publishers to stop marketing dust
jackets and to use recycled paper.
30. Fax gives trees the ax... phone and email are more direct
1. wastes time 2. fills landfills 3. costs communities money4. removes blanketing leaves from Mother Earth during winter5. removes nuts which feed squirrelshttp://www.keeper.org/ RFK suing the EPA over Buckeye in Ohiowhich is giving cattle parts to chickens http://www.ran.org/ Rainforest Action Network http://www.greenpeace.org/http://www.sierraclub.org/ http://www.mad-cow.org/
Father Mother God make the earth warm where it is coldand cool it down in Indian areas in which it is toohot. Make earth weather gentle and nonviolent now and forever.Cause all to obey Your commands not to kill animals.. not tokill plants. Genesis 1 29

http://www.greens.org/ http://www.nrdc.org
RIVERS http://www.keeper.org
OCEANS http://www.cousteau.org
REFORESTATION DIET AND PLANT RIGHTShttp://spot.acorn.net/fruitarianhttp://www.egroups.com/messages/fruitarians
GENERALhttp://www.ecotopia.org/ Santa Cruz, California, USA
Friends of the Earth
PRESERVING THE WILD http://nature.org/http://www.defenders.org
SPIRITUAL COALITION http://www.caringforcreation.net

a. prevent termites
b. save the $,time, and environmental damage of paint,
c have natural insulation with its energy savings,
d. prevent rotting wood
e. have better insulation in summer & winter
f. end the disease related to living near the mold from rotting wood
g. reduce the arsenic in the watersystems, flowing in from pressedwood factories and h. have increasing rather than decreasing equityin your home. Use natural barriers such as bushes, or chain link,rather than wood fencing.

Why is th...enpeaceusa.org/[/url]